A way to gain your own inner trust…

A 6 week journey where we dive deep to discover the secrets of ourselves, the universe and our spirit friends. Before we begin to contact our loved ones we must first truly get to know our inner light, our own essence. It’ gaining trust, becoming friends with and accepting our own light and who we are first! By doing this first we are better equipped and more able to differentiate between what are your own thoughts, emotions and quirks and those messages of a more subtle nature which are little whispers, deep sensing feelings, non-local intuition. Our first step will get you comfortable in a mediation space where you can start to quieten the mind and open up to a variety of different senses around you.

6 Weeks to Dive Deep

Have you been feeling the nudge? 

This course is for those who have been feeling nudge from spirit and the universe to get to know yourself a little better. Get to know your energy a little better. You will learn skills on how to meditate which helps aide and settle the mind, calm anxiety, face fear. Additionally, you will learn how to clean your energy and gain messages that are invaluable to you, your family and your growth.

Week 1

We learn energy and all the feels.  Boundaries and Meditations. Expanding into your own essence.

Week 3

Learning about different dimensions and the ways spirit communicate. Defining the way spirit communicates with you, through your dominant clair! Learn how to read energy from a photo.

Week 5

Talking about trust for yourself and sharing with discernment. Other physic tools to use in day to day life. Question Time.

Week 2

Discernment. Learning the difference between the mind and the soul and how to know if it’s a spirit, other energy or an angel around you.

Week 4

Blending. We learn how to blend safely and talk about channelling and how this is a different type of mediumship. And you’ll see me at work and see how it’s done. 

Week 6

Is an online workshop where we all get to use your new skills reading each other and connecting. PLAY!

Is this for you…?

You will learn about the interconnectivity of spirit, energy and how it flows. You will learn how mediumship is different to just being Psychic. You will develop your spiritual skills, discover a world of wider communication. You will gain a deeper understanding of energetic boundaries how to set them and how to manage them. You will learn how to distinguish between spirit, angels and guides.

Through this course you will learn about your own abilities but also about death, the process and the discussion around our core beliefs as

Lot’s of people think that a Psychic and a Medium are the same thing, while both work with energy, they are very different. This course defines each and explains how you can work as either or both. It is important to have an understanding of energy and how others energy affects you and those around you, especially if you are an empath. You’ll learn the ways in which to maintain and keep your energy level, stable and high with daily tools to take home.  We will also explore protection, having a clear intent and feeling into your aura. 

Are you ready to deepen your connection?

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