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Hi, I am Emma.

My MISSION here is >>
I want to accelerate your awareness to allow it to move through you, so you can embrace difficult feelings, emotions and mental states. As we all know life gets tough and having the tools and knowing the rhythms of YOU and your BODY really helps in aiding you to a higher way of living.
Being able to process emotions quicker but also being able to bring gratitude to your life and where you are NOW.
So… I am Emma Nally an intuitive creative soul who specialises in soul branding through graphic design and photography I loves to help women like you get to know, like, love and accept yourself in a fuller capacity.
They say you teach the ONE thing you most need to learn.
So here it is.
Even though I have two seperate businesses doing healing sessions, creating oracle decks, writing blogs, books and cultivating events here. I’ve seen my two business’ merge as they learn to run along side each other as beautiful sisters similar but different with their own style. For Emepic Graphic Design and Photography I work with women through the camera getting them to see themselves like they never have before through these photoshoots deep cellular upgrades occur. It really is profound work. I am so blessed to be able to facilitate it.
Where as here with the work for Violet Expression I also work with women to enable them to see themselves like they never have before but through integration, energy work (all kinds of benevolent goodness), white light, magic. I am a divine channel for my higher self and guides, a medium and mentor.
For many years I walked around looking for answers to my inner cravings, I always wanted more, from life, from love, from anywhere.
There was a deep shadow inside me that started to engulf my presence in the moments I was having with my loved ones and my life. I started looking for answers to my callings. After more than 7 years of traditional mainstream psychology treatment I looked elsewhere. I started practicing yoga, meditation and delved into every energy modality I could get my hands on. I paid for lots of courses to teach me methods and the way they were doing things. After about the 10th course I started to realise none of those where enough either.
The reason they weren’t enough was because all along I was trying to remember my own truth, my own powers as an intuitive. Every-time I learnt a new modality I would mould it and change it to suit me and my style anyway. I kept getting strong guidance from my ‘A Team’ as I like to call them my guides – ‘You have it within you’, ‘You know the answers’. I’m sure they stood there rolling their eyes at me as every time I doubted my own abilities and signed up for something else.
So here I am 6 years into my spiritual awakening now moving more and more into my truth and on my divine path I am here to offer you services of healing as well as women’s circles, art workshops a safe space to share and express your truth, your shadow and your light. The Yoni Code channelled oracle cards.

VIOLET EXPRESSION – Is to know, feel and express yourself in a whole new way!

It’s your space to explore your inner knowing and express in a way you never thought possible.
A place to learn the cues and communication between your mind and your body – discovering your truth as the sacred soul you are.
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Book your 90min healing session here were we will dive deep into the underlying fears holding you back from standing in your power.
We will visit places where you can be fully supported by your own higher soul self guided by angels and benevolent beings as they bring through activations and healing exactly to where you need it. I can bring through messages from passed spirit as they too like to come and help facilitate the healing for you helping clear ancestral linage lines.
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“I’m still processing and in total awe from the reading and energy healing I had just now with Emma. Her wisdom and intuition blew me away. Ailments that have affected me for years have dissipated, fears holding me back no longer seem present, things she honed in on were spot on – she didn’t hold back and gave me the good the bad and the ugly! Haha we laughed as we kept peeling back the layers I just couldn’t believe how accurate she was. She gave me valuable tools to use when times get tough, and am now filled with a deep sense of peace, love and self power. The most profound session I think I’ve ever had ❤️ thank you darling with all of my heart xxx” – Marisa

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